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28O 38.6'N


17O 56'.6W
Tazacorte, La Palma
Passage Notes

The most North-Westerly of the Canaries, La Palma is easy to reach from most of the other islands in the prevailing winds (North-Easterlies) although it may be harder to get back from. Tazacorte is about 60nm from San Sebastian on La Gomera. The island is very high, so you should be able to see it from many miles off on most days.

Tazacorte is half way up the West coast, about five miles N.of the lighthouse at Punta de Lava. There are a few offlying rocks, so check the charts and the pilot and stay far enough offshore. (The Atlantic Islands pilot recommends 1.5nm). In the prevailing N-Easterlies this coast is in the wind shadow of La Palma's mountains, so the winds are likely to be light and variable. This is a spectacular coastline with good views inland to the volcanoes that made this very beautiful island.


We visited by car rather than boat, but the entrance looks very straightforward. There are rocks offshore due S of the harbour, so stay offshore until you can see the end of the huge breakwater. The entrance is wide and opens to the South. The marina is just behind the W-E spur which protects the inner harbour.

Facilities and Charges

The original pontoons were full of local boats, but maybe forty new finger berths have very recently been put in, with very substantial fingers and water and electricity available. These berths were all empty when we visited (Jan 2007). No-one was available for enquiries that day as it was 3 Kings day, but a friend was over a week later and enquired about prices. Not much English was spoken but our friend said they seemed more interested in long term stays, and quoted him a very reasonable E210 for a month his 34ft boat. When he asked about overnight stays the man he was speaking to appeared to claim they were full. We didn't see a shower block or toilets, but there is a pleasant bar/restaurant across the other side of the harbour. When we get back to La Gomera we will make further enquiries and hopefully update this entry with more information, but virtually no-one we met on La Palma spoke English.


Buses from Puerto de Tazacorte (10 minute walk) to Los Llanos (ten minutes), then buses from Los Llanos tro Santa Cruz de La Palma (one hour).

Things to Do

This would be a pleasant and sheltered marina on the sunny side of La Palma to chill out in for a few days. There are restaurants and a small supermarket down near the beach (ten minutes) but not much else.

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