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28O 01.1'N


16O 37.5'W
San Miguel, Tenerife
Passage Notes

This once bertholders only marina was now accepts visiting yachts. In the prevailing winds it is a pleasant day sail from Santa Cruz or Radazul, and a useful overnight stop on the way to La Gomera.

Once South of Punta de Abona you are likely to enter the wind acceleration zone, and by the time you reach Punta Montana Rocha you can expect to be flying along on an exhilarating broad reach - you will of course have reduced sail in plenty of time. The bay North of the 'red mountain' is a popular kiteboarding spot. Marina San Miguel itself is a windy place, lying as it does in the influence of Tenerife's SE acceleration zone, so expect to carry the wind all the way to the breakwater.


The entrance is S-facing and quite narrow. A hard turn to starboard is necessary immediately on passing the end of the breakwater, and care woujld be advised if there was any onshore swell running . . . in fact the entrance might be dangerous in strong onshore conditions. In normal conditions however it presents no problem, and there is just about room inside the breakwater to round up and get the sails down. There are still a few shallow patches of rock here and there, so keep a lookout for any buoys marking them. As dredging work is ongoing the situation is getting better all the time, and any dangers were fairly obvious when we were there.


Very straightforward, in fact we didn't see any officialdom except for the regular visits of the Guardia Civil fast launch - although these seemed to be social visits involving long lunches. The marina staff are friendly and helpful, but do not speak much English.

Facilities and Charges

No security, but the risk factor felt very low. The brand new ablutions block had just been opened when we arrived, and facilities were excellent. There is a small bar on the site which provides a pleasant meeting spot and is probably the ost attractive feature of the marina. A short walk away you can find an endless supply of restaurants and a couple of supermarkets, although the supermarkets are quite a long walk if laden. Relatively expensive - we were charged 15 Euros a night for Fairwinds (27ft).


Very near the main airport (ten minutes by taxi) - watching incoming flights is a constant source of amusement. This would be a good marina for a crew change.

No internet cafe within a mile - nearest is up at Las Chaffiras.

Things to Do

If you really want to you can get a bus into Los Christianos - which at least has a passable chandlers. Lots of eating and drinking opportunities, with 'English' pubs for those who just want to live in England but in the sun - Tenerife is full of expats. The marina is right beside Amarillo Golf, so I guess you could play golf.

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