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27O 38.5'N


17O 58'.7W
Restinga, El Hierro
Passage Notes

From Puerto de la Estaca it is a ten mile run down the coast with no offlying dangers on the direct route until you get to Restinga Point. There is a very dangerous looking reef here, and the point should be rounded at least half a mile off. Although it is not mentioned in the pilot there appears to be a wind acceleration zone from Punta de la Bonanza to Restinga.


Do not approach the entrance (which opens to the W.) until it bears due N (see notes on the reef above). Fairly straightforward entrance, but keep well to starboard if there is any swell - the entrance is foul on the port side.Yacht berthing is alongside the wall inside the breakwater, not on the pontoons, which are reserved for local boats.

Formalities and Facilities

We arrived on a Saturday morning and a security guy of some sort met us, showed us where to berth and took our lines. I asked about the office and he said Monday - but on Monday it was still closed!

The wall has been made more yacht-friendly with the addition of suitably spaced smooth rubber standoffs, which would allow most boats to lie against the wall even without fenders. However, there is quite a lot of surge even in moderate sea conditions and plenty of fenders and long nylon warps should be to hand. Rounded metal corners have been fitted to the top of the wall in various places as an anti-chafe measure, but these are not always in the right position due to the small number of bollards, so anti-chafe precautions may be needed. There are also stainless rings set into the wall to tie on to at various points. We found the wall moderately uncomfortable due not only to the surge but also due to the constant wind accelerated across the harbour, which appears to be standard in Easterly or North-Easterly winds. Best visited in very settled conditions.

There is water from a tap at the end of the pier, and a large rubbish bin, but no other facilities. The boatyard seemed very active, and it would be possible to leave a boat here or have it lifted to have work done. There is a small fishermans' chandlers behind the boatyard.

Restinga is a sleepy little one-donkey town. There is a small supermercado, some bars and one good restaurant (La Vieja Pandorga). There is a long distance walking path from here to Valverde.


There is one bus a day into Valverde at the ungodly hour of seven o'clock, returning at two thirty. If you want to hire a car and have it delivered to Restinga the minimum period is three days. We hitch-hilked into Valverde and got a lift almost immediately. The airport is at the other end of the island and only receives inter-island flights. Ferries from Puerto de Estaca to La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife.

The good news is there is free wi-fi with a strong enough signal to connect on the boat without any specialised equipment.

Things to Do

Chill out, drink cold beer, eat tapas. There are several diving schools - this is apparently a great area for diving.

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