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27O 47.1'N


17O 54'.1W
Puerto de la Estaca, El Hierro
Passage Notes

El Hierro is the most South-Westerly of the islands, and therefore the furthest downwind in the prevailing North-Easterlies, a fact that should be born in mind beforfe setting off - it could be a hard beat back. One possible route is to visit the island from La Gomera then return via La Palma, which is almost due North.


Very straightforward - a large harbour now the breakwater has been extended, opening to the South with no dangers on the approach from the N. The inner harbour entrance is marked by red and green pillars.


Noonsite states categorically there is a marina here. We can state categorically that as of mid-January 2007 there is no marina, nor do there appear to be any dedicated facilities for yachts. Most of the inner harbour (which appears to be very well sheltered) is fullof moorings with local small craft on them. There did not appear to be room to anchor. There were two yachts alongside the rather high wall inside the breakwater. These appeared to be berthed beside the only two accessible ladders, and there also appeared to be a shortage of bollards or other fixtures to tie onto. The wall looked smooth, but with no ladder getting berthed or getting on and off the boat would be very difficult. We did not stay, so cannot comment on any other facilities, or on any charges - please get in touch if you have more information.


Buses meet the ferries and go to Valverde, the capital, 8km away. They are infrequent. There may be a small shop near the harbour, but it would be necessary to go into Valverde to do any serious provisioning. Ferries run to and from here to La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife.

Things to Do

Nothing as far as we can see. Too far to walk into town and not enough buses.

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