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28O 23.5'N


13O 51.4'W
Puerto Castillo, Fuerteventura

The green buoy shown in the pilot is a fairly prominent pillar about 5ft high, but it could stil be hard to spot in a big swell.

The red can-shaped port hand buoy is much further inshore and was easy to see. We came from the S, so didn't have to worry about the E. edge of the reef - but looking at it from the shore we couldn't see anything recognisable as a cardinal, just some small yellow pillars.

If coming from the North it would be best to stay at least a half mile offshore until you can positively identify the green pillar. Approach is between green and red on a bearing of 360 degrees.


Turn sharply to starboard round the breakwater - there is not much space and there could be a few tourist boats and other small craft in the area. If there is no-one there to direct you just pick a pontoon and tie up. We took a large finger and when someone eventually appeared in the office we weren't asked to move even though we told them we were only 8 metres.


The office is in the portacabin at the end of the pontoon. Don't go into it and let the door shut unless you are sure there is someone in - you can't get back from here to the pontoon without a key.

Paperwork was very casual - when someone eventually appeared in the office he was happy just to photocopy an old sheet I handed him with the boat and crew details on it.

Facilities and Charges

The prices shown on the sheet on the office wall looked promising but are apparently applicable to long term stays only. We got the feeling they just make the prices up . . . but they do insist that the longer you stay the cheaper it is. We claimed to be 8m and paid E53 for 3 nights initially, which is the most we have paid per night since Ireland.

Water and electricity is available on the pontoons, with good water pressure.

Toilets and showers are behind the restaurant, through keycard operated doors inside the restaurant toilets. There is an E20 deposit on the keycards, but we managed to persuade them to give us one each for this.

Calheta de Fuste is a big Tenerife style tourist complex with everything available. The supermarkets in the complex are a rip-off though and full of 'British brands' but if you wander round the bay past the Sheraton you will find a big Eurospar hypermarket.

Lots of restaurants, a bit more expensive than in the non-tourist areas as you would expect.


If you have an external wifi arial then there are WiFi hotspots you can pay online to access. Canary Hotspots charges E3.50 for two hours, and it saves your time when you log off. There are internet access points in the resort, but they tend to be expensive.

Car hire is available from various places in the resort and you can get a bus to Puerto Rosario shold you feel the urge.

Places to See, Things to Do

If you like big tourist resorts then there is anything you want here - lots of pubs and bars with tacky entertainment, or watch premier league football matches while drinking John Smiths. (Or you can just stay on the boat . . . )

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