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28O 29.6'N


16O 12.7'W
Marina Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
No Room at the Inn . . .

We took a long hot dusty walk out to the Northern-most harbour of the three where Marina Tenerife is said in the pilot to accept visiting yachts. The marina is pleasant enough, with a bar and good security, and although it is a long way out of town there is a frequent bus service.

The problem is that when we asked the manager of Marina Tenerife he told us there are no spaces for visiting yachts this year at all, not a single one - and neither are there any in the very small Puerto Chico on the Western side of the harbour.

Santa Cruz Marinas - Summary

As of Feb 2007, unless you want to pay a fortune in taxes for a marina with no facilities worth speaking of (see Marina Atlantico) then it would appear that there is currently no decent marina for visiting yachts in this modern capital city of a quarter of a million people. Your best bet is to ring Radazul in advance and enquire - they are very friendly and the price is very reasonable. (Feliciano, 922 680 933)