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Atlantic Spain
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Atlantic Spain and Portugal: La Coruna to Gibraltar
Martin Walker
& Anne Hammick
South Biscay
Covers the coasts of France and Spain from the Gironde to La Coruna in Galicia
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43O 08'N


9O 11'W
The marina at Camarinas
Passage Notes

The rias of Galicia are wonderful day-sailing country. We anchored overnight at Corme on the way to Camarinas from La Coruna, then rounded Cabo Villano in brilliant sunshine the next day. We couldn't see El Bujardo, an isolated rock off the cape, but careful checking of the GPS ensured we missed it. We came down the inside of Las Quebrantes, where even in relatively calm conditions we could see the swell breaking. Once round the mole the marina can be seen - just a couple of pontoons with no separate breakwater, but very sheltered in most conditions.

The second time we entered Camarinas was after turning back from an attempted passage round Finisterre because of thick fog, when we fumbled our way back using GPS.

We were right on the leading line when two trawlers loomed out of the fog overtaking us at high speed . . . at which point we deemed it prudent to move well off but paralell to the leading line, and although we heard other boats we didn't see any more until we saw the breakwater end looming up out of the fog. This was a useful lesson - stay well off any leading lines in fog and avoid GPS-induced collisions with the locals!


Obvious once you have rounded the breakwater . . . no entrance as such, just a couple of pontoons.


So painless I can't remember.

Facilities and Charges

The marina is run by the local yacht club, and everyone is very friendly. Facilities were good and the price was very reasonable. We weren't taking much notice of marina prices at this stage of the trip because it all seemed so cheap compared to the UK.

The yacht club restaurant is supposed to be very good, although we didn't eat there. We did eat a couple of times at a very good tapas bar along the road into the town. The town is quite old fashioned and interesting to explore.


There are a couple of pay as you go internet terminals in the yacht club bar, and you can plug a flash drive into them.

Things to Do

Walk round the town, eat tapas, fish off the pontoon, take the dinghy across to one of the beaches and just generally chill out. We wish we had stayed longer and would like to go back. If you don't fancy La Coruna then this would be a nice quiet landfall after Biscay, although it still leaves Finisterre ahead of you..

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