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Atlantic Spain
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Atlantic Spain and Portugal: La Coruna to Gibraltar
Martin Walker
& Anne Hammick
South Biscay
Covers the coasts of France and Spain from the Gironde to La Coruna in Galicia
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BlueMoment Harbour and Marina Guide

42O 07'N


8O 51'W
Puerto Deportivo, Bayona
Passage Notes

If approaching from the North as we did the normal route is through the Canal de la Porta. There is a shoal patch less than 1m deep in the centre of this channel, so keep well over to the West side. If there is much of a swell running you may see white water breaking on this. We found there was a lot of froth on the surface, not just near the patch but right across the channel, so we slowed right down and kept a close watch on the echo sounder. It was LWS and we saw less than 3m under the keel a couple of times, but as we had seen a much bigger yacht coming through the opposite way we weren't too worried.

The approach from the West is quite straightforward. Pass S. of the S. cardinal off the Carallones rocks, on which the surf may be seen breaking.


Once round the mole the marina is right in front of you. Visiting yachts are usually berthed alongside the long N-S pontoon that forms the West side of the marina. Go alongside here if no-one directs you otherwise, but this pontoon is more exposed to any swell than those 'inside', so ask to be moved if possible.


Painless as usual in Spain (compared to Portugal). One form to be filled in.

Facilities and Charges

Washrooms in portacabins also used by construction workers working in the immediate area of the harbour. Adequate but not top class. Charges were moderate - we were 12 euros a night for Fairwinds.

We had a huge full service wash done very cheaply by the CleanClean launderette a hundred yards from the marina. Two chandlers within a couple of minutes of the pontoons. Supermarkets nearby and plenty of cafes.


Several internet cafes. We found one we could plug our flash drive into.

Things to Do

It was the tenth of September when we got here and already the place had an 'end of season' feel, with none of the liveliness we had noticed in La Coruna. The marina itself is a great place for catching up with people you have met en route however, as most people stop off here for at least a couple of days.

For a detailed account of Fairwinds' time in Galicia see HERE