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The motley crew
Skipper and First Mate


IN 1966 Nick began crewing for a friend on his Moody 33S. A trip to St. Kilda the next year led to Day SKipper and Yachtmaster theory courses, and in 1998 a five day coastal skipper practical course. This led to Nick and Kathy's first charter together, a Cobra 750 out of Troon.

Since then Nick has delivered boats from the Medway to Peterhead and between Cumbria, the Clyde and the West Coast, and crewed on trips from Ipswich to Cumbria and the UK to Tenerife. He now has over 9,000 miles under his keel and is a commercially endorsed Coastal Skipper.

Kathy did her Competent Crew course in 1998 and now has over 3,000 sea miles to her credit. Always cheerful, never scared, never sick and able to helm or cook in any conditions, she is the perfect crew.

Nick & Kathy are hoping to take Fairwinds further afield in the next two or three years - watch this space.