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The South-West

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Fairwinds Round Ireland - The South-West
Ballycotton to Kinsale

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Dingle - Smerwick
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Saturday 10th July Ballycotton to Kinsale

Sailed off the mooring and through Ballycotton sound. That was the good bit . . . then we were sailing to windward again all day, with two reefs in the main most of the time and a lot of genoa rolled away. As we approached the entrance to Kinsale the wind calmed down and Kathy caught three mackerel. Tacked up the river until we got to the Fort, then the channel got narrow and the wind flukey so we decided to put the engine on. There was a clunking noise, a smell of burning and a cloud of acrid smoke the dynastart had burnt out.

We tacked up the narrow channel in winds varying from 4 to 24 knots and from NW to NE while Kathy got fenders and warps ready. I decided the best thing to do would be to pick up a mooring buoy if there was one sufficiently far removed from any expensive looking yachts. We spotted one opposite the yacht club marina and managed to grab it , though not without difficulty in the flukey winds we ended up attached stern first then sorted it at our leisure. Just as well we had sailed off the mooring in the morning, or we might never have left Ballycotton - at least Kinsale is a major centre with a chance of getting things fixed.

We phoned Jim Hall on the mobile and discovered he was in Kinsale having been towed in by the lifeboat the previous day with a US engine caused by dirty fuel. We dinghied in to the marina and met Jim at the Yacht Club, where we had delicious meal and copious pints, then returned to the borrowed mooring. We put a notice out for the owner, apologising and offering to pay a night's marina berth if he didn't want to raft up, then slept like logs.

Fairwinds on the 'borrowed' mooring

Sunday 11th July Kinsale

Stil no sign of the mooring owner in the morning, so we went ashore and discussed the situation with Jim and the marina manager, Paul. Paul was very busy and said he would tow us in later when the wind dropped. We had a wander round Kinsale, which is a very pretty place with lots of interesting shops, though very touristy. After lunch Jim phoned Jackie, who suddenly announced that he would come to Kinsale that day with an old dynastart he had.

Lunch in Kinsale

At about 5 o' clock the Kilmore A-Team in the form of Jackie and two young lads from Dublin who had been sailing with him arrived with the dynastart and tools, champing at the bit as they had to get back that night. Paul took us out in the marina launch to retrieve Fairwinds, only to find a large motor cruiser approaching the buoy we were on and hanging off, with the skipper looking puzzled. We shouted that we had had engine problems, apologised and removed the boat total delay to the mooring owner maybe two minutes, which is what I call good timing!

Jackie's dynastart was a bit battered one of the lugs had broken and been welded up at some point but it fitted and the engine started. Jackie and the lads had to leave at once to get back, and wouldn't stay for a meal or accept any money, even for petrol. This sort of thing doesn't happen very often, but when it does it restores your faith in human nature. I vowed to do as much for a fellow yachtsman one day as a way of obliquely repaying the favour.

The Kilmore Quay 'A' Team
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