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The South-West

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Fairwinds Round Ireland - The South-West
Schull to Crookhaven

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Dingle - Smerwick
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Thursday 15th July Schull Crookhaven

Got up very late and had a leisurely breakfast while the usual crowd of kids in dinghies roared about everywhere we have been there are huge dinghy fleets lots of good sailors growing up in Ireland. About lunch time we went ashore and walked along the very pretty foreshore walk, then bought a few provisions and had a wander down the main street (There is a good supermarket and plenty of other shops in Schull, including two good butchers).


Returning to the boat we decided that as the weather was brightening up a bit we would make the short hop to Crookhaven even though the wind was on the nose it had stopped raining at that precise moment and the visibility was over a mile almost perfect!

We had a very pleasant time beating down Long Island Sound, having to take avoiding action to miss a boat towing some reluctantly 'swimming' cows across to the mainland. Technically we had right of way, but I reckoned towing three cows made the other vessel restricted in her ability to manoevre. The final tack at the end of Long Island took us out through Goat Sound, where we met the same big swell as the previous day but more regular.

Cows being 'swum' across Long Island Sound

The sailing was very pleasant now no rush, not far to go, so although we stillhad to tack I eased the sheets a trifle and rolled away a few rolls of the genoa no point in beating ourselves up here, it's meant to be fun.

A few big tacks to keep us clear of the odd rock and islet brought us into the mouth of Crookhaven, a very pretty, extremely well sheltered inlet. We amused ourselves beating up to the anchorage then took a visitors' mooring 8 euros a night, payable at the shop. However, the shop wasn't open and we left before it did. There's plenty of room to anchor here as well, and it's an excellent jumping off point for rounding Mizzen Head.

The entrance to Crookhaven

In the evening went ashore to O'Sullivans nice beer but no music, that night - although there is often music on here - so went to the Crookhaven Inn for the next pint.

We ordered two pints of Smithwicks and had to send them back the keg was a bit off. They were replaced with a pint of lager and a pint of Guinness, but these were not right either and we abandoned them to return to O'Sullivans for two more excellent pints of Smithwicks. The Crookhaven Inn must be the only pub in Ireland which doesn't keep it's beer well, and frankly they don't deserve the custom they get.

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