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The South-West

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Fairwinds Round Ireland - The South-West
Glandore to Baltimore

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Dingle - Smerwick
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Sunday 11th July Glandore to Baltimore

Had a brief run ashore to walk around. The usual colourful fleet of dinghies was pouring out - every where we went on the South and SW coasts there were fleets of dinghies and mobs of children in wetsuits swimming in the harbour , which I am afraid had a bit of a sewagey smell to it - you wouldn't have persuaded me to swim there. In spite of this Glandore is a pretty place, and you can sit at the pub annd look at your boat . . . it must be really lovely when the sun shines.

Lot's Wife

However, the weather was still grey and we decided to get on. We left Glandore just before two o'clock in almost zero wind had to take the main down to prevent it slamming about. We had to motor the whole way to Baltimore in very lumpy seas, diverting twice to go round salmon nets. The entrance to Baltimore is marked by a curious white beacon on the cliff known as Lot's Wife.

Lot's Wife

Arrived at Baltimore at 18:30 and anchored off the North Pier. This is the anchorage mentioned in the ICC guide, although other yachts were all anchored further out in the middle. Went ashore and shared a Pizza and chips at the Jolie Brise, a very affordable eating house near the pier run by friendly French people. They must be familiar with impoverished yachties - when we asked for a pizza and chips to share the waitress asked us (unprompted) if we would like a glass of tap water.


We then went next door to the Waterfront pub and listened to the Long Donagh band, an excellent local group. Good beer, good music, an excellent evening but a wet dinghy ride back to the boat.

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