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Postby claymore » Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:23 pm

Sounds like Balvicar - did one of the swingers wear glasses?

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Postby Silkie » Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:28 pm

I think you'll find that Seil is too big to fit the description.

For those of us who didn't see it, is it available to view online?
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Muder effin polis.............

Postby Telo » Thu Feb 28, 2008 8:40 pm

Murder polis, that programme was unbelievably bad. Who writes that kack?

Two or three times it mentioned that boats may have come or gone without checking in, the rules not being observed...... Jeez....

Anyway, looked like it was actually fimed at Dunure, on the mainland. A "large church, a pub, a dock, a drug dealer, a couple of merrrrderrrrerrrs, a trio of swingers, a small fishing boat and some funny rock formations"... that's Ayrshire all right.

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Postby Booby Trapper » Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:27 pm

Yes it was embarrassing. But you are correct about it being Dunure.

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Postby little boy blue » Fri Feb 29, 2008 2:13 am

The story line was entirely convincing:

not sure i entirely agree with you there, but you certainly couldn`t say that about the acting - jaded imho.

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Postby moresteamcphail » Fri Feb 29, 2008 6:51 pm

Ra bad news is that therr's anither wan oan next week.
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