That time of year

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That time of year

Postby marisca » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:23 pm

Just feel like a moan. Lifejackets have all stayed inflated for a week (hurrah!) but their UM firing mechs are out of date (boo!) on the automatics and 2 of the lifejacket lights (admittedly exp. 2009) won't flash when triggered, though they worked last spring. Meanwhile the liferaft is due its 2nd 3 year service, the box of offshore flares (exp. 2011) are pricking my conscience and the EPIRB batteries are due for replacement at the year end - all in all about £700's worth of throw-away money and it could so easily be more. I've never used these things or want to use them and it seems like only yesterday when I paid it all before. If I could only convince myself that I, or any crew foolish enough to sail with me, don't need these things; that I'm too old to go racing where some of these things are mandatory; that it's just a ploy of the "safety industry" (closely allied to the "security industry") to make more money by working on the insecurities of the gullible, then I could spend the money on something sensible like an anchor to replace my trusty Chinese CQR copy and/or decent malt. Unfortunately, my imagination can envisage situations where I might regret eschewing (lovely word!) the opporchancity of revitalising my safety toys.

Gaelforce are flogging lifejacket lights AQ40s @ £15 a pop with a 5 year life or there's the chancer selling obsolete out-of-date AQ98's (but claimed to work) @ £10 on eBay. Despite the above, I have purchased the former.

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