Weekend Weather Forecast 26/5/11

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Weekend Weather Forecast 26/5/11

Postby weatherman » Thu May 26, 2011 4:12 pm


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Now on with the weekend forecast, and any friends or colleagues who want to receive this forecast can do so by emailing sailingweather-subscribe@weatherweb.net

Have a great weekend,

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Issued: 3pm Thursday 26th May 2011

Low pressure is going to be to the northwest of Scotland on Saturday. A cold front is moving south through southern England and Wales, although it will only be a very weak feature.
There will be some cloud and a few spots of rain associated with the cold front in the south. This will be edging slowly southeast and the cloud is likely to be breaking, allowing bright or sunny spells to develop.
To the north of the front conditions are going to be breezy. There will be showers, most of them in the west where a few could be heavy. Relatively few showers affecting more eastern parts of the country.
Winds mainly W-SW 15-18kt (F4-F5) for most but 25-30kt (F6-F7) in western and northern Scotland, with gale force gusts in the north.


The area of low pressure crossing Scotland on Sunday is certainly one to watch. It is likely to have very strong winds surrounding it, reaching severe gale force at times. The fronts crossing the UK are likely to be rather weak, although will become slowly moving across the southeast of England and central Channel area.
So it will be a very windy day in Scotland. Frequent, blustery showers are going to be frequent and heavy, especially in the west and north. Further showers for western Ireland with relatively few making it to eastern coasts.
Cloud and some spots of rain associated with the cold front in southeast England, but this will be mainly an area of cloud. It may pep-up a little in the afternoon as a weak wave runs along it, but the rain is likely to only be light.
Winds SW 16-20kt (F4-F5) in the south, mainly WSW-SW 19-25kt (F5-F6) in the west and WSW 25 gusting 40kt (F6-F8) or above across Scotland.


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