where to stay while on an extended cruise?The G20 may have p

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where to stay while on an extended cruise?The G20 may have p

Postby trouville » Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:10 pm

Our "leaders" have decided to spend money they always say they havnt got for education for example.To raise the money to give will certainly mean increasing taxes.as well as finding more people to collect taxes from.

In the past cruising folk would either wander very slowly about the med (looking at the med) or tie up in a Spanish port for years (why anyone chose Spain i dont know) i was happy so many stayed in Spain otherwise the French & Italian ports would have filled faster than they did!

For many long term cruising people a fixed address has been a problem because the EU & its control freaks forcing changes in boat registration scrapping the registration for the life of the boat (part one registration )which i had now every 5 years the SSR has to be renewed and an address in the UK found

Many years ago when the EU spoke of "free movement" the 3 then 6month followed by one year tree year & finally five year residence for well behaved tax payers were scraped

Now Portugal & Spain have the obligation to register as a resident after 3 months that means you will have to have a tax number to pay taxes & if thats not bad enough you must also register your car boat and aircraft.As many years ago this will be again administered by the towns & villages

If this is based on another EU law then France Italy etc will follow makeing a cruisers life harder than ever before.In winter the weather may prevent moveing on before the 3 month limit.AND WHICH COUNTRY SHOULD ISSUE THE BOATS PAPERS???? WHERE WILL WE PAY TAXES????????

If as a slow cruiser i stay say 7 months in Spain then i have to register my boat with them,take Spanish papers. Then as a cruiser living aboard my boat supposing i become tied of Spain & move to France the i would have to re register again,then on to Italy again it defeats the point of cruising aboard a boat??

After 2 months & 30/31 days in France for example i prepare to leave for Italy once there i have 3 months to drift to Malta, Corfu or North Africa

These rules will cost the cruising boat a lot as Malta is so full you have to be lucky to find a paying place.Corfu there its better to use a paid place.Dose it mean long term cruisers have to buy a motor boat to be sure not to over stay????

And WHERE SHOULD I REGISTER MY BOAT??? If i stay in France more than 3 month then France but then if i spend more than 3 months in Italy as i do almost every year i have to register my boat there as well???????And pay taxes in France & Italy?? that's possible but an accounting & administrative night mare in Italy i would have to pay an accountant

Then if i work even for one day i have to pay contributions to the state heath, pension & social benefit plans if im "self employed i have to start a company that in France & today in Italy is a long & expensive process

Dose this mean that now cruising is only for the very rich with independent means?And a crew to move their boat about?

Should i move to Tunisia where after 3 months i have to buy an "expensive visa" for a second three months & only become resident after 6 months?? Or Turkey?? But then after 6months there then 3 months in Greece where else could i go??

Has the G20 now spelt the end of a cruising lifestyle,drifting comfortably between ever fewer anchorages that havent been buoyed off because of "terrorist threats"

If anyone want to cruise legaly today it would be an expensive time consuming thing to do & what happens if having registered my UK boat in Spain i move to Portugal register it there then move back to Spain?? Id have to register all over again as a boat can only have one registration legaly????

Europe is a mess the EU out of touch with real life.

My current boat was French with a red book & now is SSR the French know that & i have no problems but they could insist i register in France (when i bought her i was told i couldnt have French registration then)

Perhaps i should go to Scotland??Its a wonderful country great sailing perhaps a bit to much wind at times & cool in winter,at least there i doubt i would have registration troubles??Perhaps i would learn how to distil my own Whisky?? As in Corsica im sure there are areas in which so few people live no one would smell the distalation process???

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Re: where to stay while on an extended cruise?The G20 may have p

Postby DaveS » Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:35 pm

Well, I would think you would be most welcome in Scotland. Great cruising ground with, admittedly, a few weather issues and, it has to be said, the odd midge. Certainly no registration issues: I have never registered any of my boats over a 30+ year period.

DIY whisky, though, now that's a whole different game. The Revenue have a most uncharitable and distinctly anti-entrepreneurial, biased view on this. :lol:

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Re: where to stay while on an extended cruise?The G20 may have p

Postby Nick » Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:40 pm

I don't think Trouville worries too much about tax as he doesn't appear to have anything that could really be called an income.
In terms of boating beaureaucracy the UK is probably better than most of the Mediterranean countries bigparty;
- Nick 8)


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Re: where to stay while on an extended cruise?The G20 may have p

Postby aquaplane » Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:44 pm

I agree UK may be easier in terms of beaureaucracy for yachting but it (particularly Scotland) isn't a patch on the Med in terms of weather, culture, food and drink.

I get fed up of folk knocking where I live, if they don't like it they have the option of leaving. If they choose to stay it makes them look silly if they constantly whinge about where they choose to live, it's a good option to keep their gob shut.

The weather may be lacking in some respects but the Culture, food and drink is without peer, at least in Scotland, I wonder about darn sarf.
Cheers Bob.

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Re: where to stay while on an extended cruise?The G20 may have p

Postby Gordonmc » Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:02 pm

hardy wrote:
aquaplane wrote:the Culture, food and drink is without peer, at least in Scotland, I wonder about darn sarf.

I suppose you reckon that Gordon Ramsey would make a mint by opening a chain of Scottish themed restaurants around the world. (Wonder why no-one has thought of that!)

Gordon Ramsays choice of theme might have something to do with his training in Paris.
Leaving that aside, I don't believe there is a chef in the world who would disagree that Scottish produced beef, venison, soft fruits, lamb and seafood is without peer. I find it remarkable that isolated loch-side eateries many miles away from supermarkets, let alone the main trade fish and veg. markets, turn out first rate food and locally brewed ales. As for culture, take any bunch of yotties, some locals and a guitar in a pub and you have a ceilidhe.
Comparisons with the Med are pointless. I grew up and regularly return to Cyprus and Malta and enjoy them both for what they offer, which is different but not superior to home.

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