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Re: Kobra 2 anchor

Postby Telo » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:12 pm

Apart from the two incidents above, where I suspect any anchor would have had problems, our only problem with the CQR was that there were times when we were never fully confident that it had set properly, and there were occasions when we'd take two, or perhaps three, attempts before being satisfied. And even then, we'd occasionally put down a second bower.

With the Kobra 2 (16kg + 50m chain), it went all very smoothly, and perfectly satisfied that it set first time (apart from one occasion below). In fact, as I think we discussed here on another thread, the Kobra 2 sets so well that it is usually hard work extracting it from the sand or mud. The easiest way to extract it is to pull up the chain until it's really very taut, and tie it off tightly for a minute or so to allow the water to seep in behind the "plough". After that it generally comes out OK.

We did have difficulty getting it to set on only one occasion, in the south anchorage at Carsaig Bay (west of Tayvallich). We had near gale winds, and it was getting dark, with the result that we couldn't identify the sandy patches on the bottom. We tried to anchor in what turned out to be kelp, with the expected results. Probably third time lucky on that occasion, and we backed it up with the fisherman's anchor as the second bower. Bombproof.

Our only difficulty is stowage. The Kobra is not a good fit for our bow roller; in that respect, the CQR was less than perfect but easier to handle. However, that is a relatively minor issue.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Kobra II, and would not consider going back to the CQR as our main bower, nor would I consider changing it for another type. We probably anchored about 90 times during the season, and it set first time except on that one occasion.

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