Port Edgar Autumn and Winter Series

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Port Edgar Autumn and Winter Series

Postby marisca » Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:02 pm

Any of the old farts, or young tyros, on here fancy freezing their rocks off every Sunday from now 'till Xmas?
The PEYC Autumn Series, one race in morning, one in afternoon with lunch in between, starts on Sunday 4th October (yup, in 2 days time) and I am shockingly short of crew.
What you get is a 27 year old Contessa 32 (2009 laurels include 1st Class 3 SIPR; 3rd in Class Round Mull; 4th Class 7 WHYW and winner of both PEYC Autumn AM & PM Series last year) and a cantankerous, slightly aspergic (is that a word?) skipper with a warped sense of humour. What I want are people who preferably know enough to at least look and see where the strings lead before they pull and make an effort to turn up if they say they're going to. If they also have flown spinnakers, trimmed sails and own their own lifejackets, I will welcome them with open arms.
Please pm me !

PS the wind will have dropped by Sunday, honest.

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