Old Ocean cruising sailboat,in need of repair,for adventurer

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Old Ocean cruising sailboat,in need of repair,for adventurer

Postby Johny33 » Sun May 20, 2007 7:35 pm

One of the strongest in cathegory, 30ft long 9ft wide sailboat/cruiser,12500Lbs of pure fiberglass(no decaying wooden cores or foam),with 5000Lbs of ballast,long keel,7 sails. Engine is not working presently,was winterized.Sits 6 years on land.Greenwich,NJ,USA,08323. Boat is my only house and everything. Im medical retiree. Guy who came for her firstly (and took 2000E from me and did almost nothing,just made a 40 days trip to USA for my money and moved boat to twice expensive marina and then let it go because got job in charter company for lot of money) tried to make engine working. Engine starts to produce black smoke,but didnt run. 6 years before surely runs. Mainsail rail is damaged. Sails are very strong (jibs form 9 oz.dacron,main from 6 oz and also storm sails) around 9 years old. You can have the boat for few months for free,if you are able to go with her and move her away. The best final destination would be Martinique - there is free anchoring. But even Bermudas are OK. Boat is old,1960, ugly interior,no electronics (you must have your own handheld GPS,Epirb etc.). Better do not count that engine will work,you can buy old outboard. Engine is Mitsubishi Vetus M3 1985 15hp,3cyl. May not hold compression or not enough pressure by injector pump.. Otherwise boat is complete,nothing really needed is not missing. I owe some money to marina (because guy didnt pay marina fee for 2 months,though he took money from me). PLEASE no Timewasters,weekend sailors,comfortable captains who are "big and sure" only in big ,comfortable,equipped boat. It needs truly seawanderer and adventurer. Experienced who is able to handle anything and improvize. And who wants to make a trip with that old but very strong boat built for 100 years by company which makes commercial superstrong fiberglass fishing boats for one/two men. I cant pay anything,selling actually my equipment,which I can survive without, to cover marine fees. janvyp@yahoo.com

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