Radar reflector, log plug, depthsounder

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Radar reflector, log plug, depthsounder

Postby mm5aho » Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:02 pm

I have... surplus to my needs...

A radar reflector: Like this one.. http://www.force4.co.uk/force-4-tubular ... reflector&
Used by in reasonable condition. Has an added aluminium bracket on top end for mounting against a mast.
I see new price about £30-40. How about £10?

A plug for a Raymarine (Airmar) log. This is the thingy you put in the hole to stop the boat sinking while you clean the barnacles and crud off the log impellor. no picture found, but its the sort with O rings to seal it, has a stainless pin through to lock it into place, and stainless rings to secure that ring, and another to grip the plug to pull it out. £5

A virtually new NASA Clipper depth sounder in the box with instructions etc, and the transducer - complete kit.
I bought a replacement transducer to test against mine, found that was not the problem. Then bought a head unit to see if that was faulty - it was not, so I'm back with old unit, and issue was to do with turbulence in water at mounting point due to a bit of stray fibreglass where I'd installed. Leaves me with a complete set used only to test the installation and now surplus.
New price £155 (incl VAT) from NASA, sometimes bought on eBay for round the £100-120 mark. This one £80

All above available Central Scotland or posted at reasonable cost. PM if interested
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