1 Pair of Web Slings 20m x 12 tonne WLL - Available To Rent

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1 Pair of Web Slings 20m x 12 tonne WLL - Available To Rent

Postby BlowingOldBoots » Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:40 pm

I have just finished moving my Rival 41C to her winter refit base. To do this I purchased a set of web slings. If anyone wants to borrow them, then please PM me. They are located south of Edinburgh and can be picked up and dropped off at my home. I would like a small donation of say £50 to use them which is just under 10% of the purchase price. Rolled up they fit snugly into the boot of a VW Golf. They can be visually inspected, rolled out in my garage and all that I ask is that you treat them well, roll them out carefully, avoid greasy/oily bits on the trailers, lift with no twists, clean off any paint and mud with fresh water and light sponging only i.e. do not blast the scottish excrement out of them with a pressure washer. I offer no guarantee and they are used entirely at your own risk. If your break them you replace them.

Most crane companies will bring their own slings, but if you have access to a crane, then this may be a good option. I'll be storing them in a couple of wooden boxes to keep the pesky mice away and the UV light off them.

What time does the 24hour garage close?

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