Money for old rope?

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Money for old rope?

Postby marisca » Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:24 pm

In an attempt to restore/retain domestic harmony I have accepted the request to reduce my hoard of just-in-case boaty bits. Things like long ago replaced sails haven't been discovered yet (still in an attic corner) but the bag of redundant ropes innocently occupying space on a garage shelf have been. Most of these either came with the boat or were replaced (in a fit of racing zeal) with dyneema. So, rather than chuck them onto the tip here is your chance to add to your own collection of spare bits. The following sizes and descriptions are given in good faith but without prejudice; prices should be an amicable agreement based on my perception of your wealth somewhere between reasonable and a free gift if you present a deserving case. (Having 2 boats but no Mercedes is not my definition of "deserving")

1 off 24m x 10mm white with blue fleck braid ex-halyard, slightly frayed at one end where attached to head of sail.
1 off 23m x 12mm black with green fleck braid ex-halyard, good condition.
2 off 9.5m x 18mm white with red fleck braid jib sheets, good condition, easy on the hands but too fat for my ST winches.
1 off 23(ish)m x 10mm (I'm bored measuring) white with yellow fleck braid ex-halyard, faded, a bit stiff but no fraying.
1 off 19m x 10mm white with green and black fleck braid, I don't think it's ever been used but slightly rust marked.
1 off 9.5m x 12mm white with navy fleck braid ex-jib sheet, soft but a bit frayed at one end where knotted to clew.
1 off 11m x 15mm white with blue fleck braid ex-jib sheet, bobbly, worn, but if you need a painter or something.
1 off 8m x 10mm white with green and black fleck braid, a dirtier and stiffer offcut of above used as a kicker.
1 off 15m x 20mm natural 3-strand with 500mm loop spliced at one end - I think nylon but may be polyester, heavy mooring warp?
+ in the bin if no-one wants it, ancient tufnol sheaved 4:1 kicker blocks, snap shackle one end, wire strop the other.

All could be seen in Edinburgh or JWD by arrangement or blind bids for all 180m or parts are acceptable.

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