The Restless Voyage

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The Restless Voyage

Postby BlowingOldBoots » Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:01 pm

The Restless Voyage
Being An Account by Archibald Campbell, Seaman, of his Wanderings in Five Oceans from 1806 to 1812
Stanley Porteous

This is my favourite book of all time as it is a fascinating true story from the time when sailing ships were rapidly reaching their zenith. The reason I like it is that recollection is about a whole life from the boy to the man. Full of adventure and twists and turns and the ending is truly surprising indeed!

In the early chapters of you removed any reference to the date you could be reading about a boy from today, his desires, dreams and the lust for life, turning his back on the perceived wisdom of his parents by dancing to his own tune. As he travels commence he his beset with all sorts of trials and tribulations that take him around the world which is just opening up globally. Captain Cooks adventures are completed, the world knows about these lands and its full on exploitation and the The Ruskies still own Alaska.

The book is no longer in print but it can be bought from various Amazon outlets e.g. ... B0007E8SQ2 (but run it through Nicks link above).

A top read and I am sure you will enjoy it, I could hardly put it down. ... ss-voyage/

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