Demise of The Living

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Demise of The Living

Postby BlowingOldBoots » Tue Oct 28, 2014 5:29 pm

...... also: -

Domain of the Dead and Remains of the Dead

Author: Ian McKinnon

McKinnon is a Scottish, Edinburgh based SciFi writer. His Zombie stuff is held in high esteem by enthusiasts. Again, like the autumn series mentioned below, these books feature more on the utter hopelessness of survival than a gore fest.

In Demise of the living, Zombies hardly feature at all. The tension centres around a mismatched group of people stuck in an office block and how each interact. The ending is a surprise and not what I expected.

The other books are very much survivalist novels and the tribulations faced in overwhelming odds.

You may now assume that I am a bit of a zombie head and you would be correct. There is a reason for the rise of this genre in recent years and in particular the move from horror fiction to survivalist fiction; zombies are a metaphor. However, if you want to understand what the metaphor is why not read Demise of the Living and check it out. Okay, I doubt many here will, or even see the point, that's cool. If you fancy some pulp, this is a good place to start and you never know, it might just creep up on you.

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