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New forum, old idea

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:06 pm
by Nick
Shamelessly copied from elsewhere I'm afraid, and with an ulterior motive as well - books I post about will have a link to them which includes our Amazon affiliate code, so we will get a small (miniscule) percentage of the purchase price.

(Amazon revenues have fallen dramatically so that across seven or eight sites carrying targeted Amazon ads - plus two Amazon A-store bookstores hosted on here and the big banner ad as a reminder - we are making less than £25 a month average from Amazon commissions).

Please remember that when purchasing from Amazon, if you first access the site by clicking the big link at the top of the forum then any subsequent purchases on that visit will be associated with our affiliate ID. I am in the process of redesigning BlueMoment, whicn will take maybe 100 hours of my time over the Winter - Amazon revenue goes a little way towards paying for that.