Hater Triology, David Moody

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Hater Triology, David Moody

Postby BlowingOldBoots » Sat Aug 29, 2020 10:39 pm

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I have been reading a lot of trash apocalyptic novels so nothing worth writing about. Then along pops David Moody's Hater Trilogy. A virus affects some human beings making them Hate and kill whomever is not infected, The Unchanged. Set in the UK, around Cambridge, society rapidly collapses as both Haters and The Unchanged struggle to live and fight for their very survival. The story develops interesting characters and moves at breakneck speed at times and I found it a refreshing difference to the Zombie apocalyptic genre; no side has a monopoly on invincibility. As usual humans start to respond in more desperate ways cumulating in a nuclear strike, but who launched and why? Is the story really a metaphor for modern life, mass disenfranchisement and the pointless society based on materialism and consumerism while all around armageddon is a very real threat for their way of life? That is probably too much of a cliche.

There are offshoot novels from the trilogy.


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Re: Hater Triology, David Moody

Postby aquaplane » Sun Sep 06, 2020 11:20 pm

Interesting, I'll have a look.
Cheers Bob.

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