Genuine WBS/Exterior Ply and Robbins Timber, Bristol

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Genuine WBS/Exterior Ply and Robbins Timber, Bristol

Postby BlowingOldBoots » Sat May 16, 2015 5:57 pm


About 2 years ago I bought an expensive sheet of genuine exterior grade/WBS ply from robbins Timber. Now, Robbins pride themselves on their QAQC and believe they provide a superior product, one that can be trusted; their ply comes from Holland.

With all this talk and evidence of poor ply in the UK, failing to meet any type of minimum resistance to damp, I was feeling rather smug. I have used about half of the sheet without any problems and then three weeks ago cut out what I needed and found a huge section delaminated right in the middle. I sent some pictures to Robbin's and they called me, immediately offered me a new sheet, sent it up FOC the next day and requested a section from the original sheet to be sent down to them; they would refund the postage (I didn't take the postage, just asked them to drop a £5 in the RNLI box). I offered the remainder of the original sheet back, just over half left, but they said not to bother, just keep it. The section of damaged ply has been sent to their supplier in Holland for analysis.

Top service, no quibble, stand by their claims of quality assured ply, excellent customer service. No association, except as a customer.

Thought you may be interested.


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Re: Genuine WBS/Exterior Ply and Robbins Timber, Bristol

Postby bilbo » Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:19 pm

I can endorse that positive view of Robbins, 'cos....

....some years ago an elderly couple hand-built a prototype 46' Wharram cat near me, with 'top grade' Marine Ply purchased from Robbins. It emerged that quite a number of sheets had voids, but quite a number had already been built into the structure. On complaint, Robbins employed an experienced surveyor to check ALL the material used, and it was found that rather a lot had already been built onto the frames. End....Robbins replaced ALL the material and employed a crew to remove and replace all the sheets that had been built onto the boat.

A very expensive exercise - but an important endorsement of their guarantee. It's just impossible for them to check each and every sheet that passes through their warehouses.....

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