Anode fixings

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Anode fixings

Postby sahona » Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:03 am

We have a 2-stud fixed pear-shaped anode. -(other two stud fixed shapes are available)
Needless to say, twisting the nut on the outside resulted in the stud turning and (after some work) the inner nut releasing.
MY studs have a square plate welded to the middle(which ends up outside the hull), so that's a good stopper to shove some sealant behind.
Anyway the idea (which hadn't been taken up in the previous 36 years of the boats life) is that you take the mild steel bar from the old anode - (just smack the zinc off, melt it down* to make anodes for your outboard,) and put it inside the boat across the studs using the nuts that are spare (because you get new ones with the anode) thereby locking the studs on the inside, so they can't move and won't give you problems next year.
If you have a ship with bonding all over the place, it could be worthwhile drilling a few holes for connections in the bar before fitting.
* when melting anodes you should take reasonable health and safety precautions - do it outside etc. 20' - 30' Berths available, Clyde.
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