We look for the opinion of sailors to design an hydrogénérat

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We look for the opinion of sailors to design an hydrogénérat

Postby Jean Do » Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:29 am

I start an activity whose purpose is to design a hydro generator for cruising sailboat.

it is a system that is placed in the back of a sailboat and generates electricity to recharge the batteries when the boat is moving.
Its characteristic is to produce electricity with a low fluid velocity and with very little inertia, which is interesting for cruising yachts in slow motion.

We will start the production of prototypes.

To best meet the needs of boaters we posted a questionnaire that you can find here:


If you'll take a few minutes to answer this questionnaire, your help will be very valuable.

I should add that I know the legitimate reluctance of forums to host commercial communications. I took contact with the board administrator one month ago to ask if there could be a problem with this message on the forum. As I did not get an answer, I take the liberty to send it.
If this is a problem I will remove it.


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