Dynema pros and cons.

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Dynema pros and cons.

Postby aquaplane » Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:58 pm

I went to my local shiny things shop yesterday and asked about rope for a main halyard. The existing one is 10 mm 3 strand and I'm going to replace it while I have the mast down.

Ben had some 10mm braid on braid for £2.60 a meter IIRC but he offered me some 8mm Dynema at the same price.
It's old stock and he is wanting to convert it into cash.

Am I right in thinking that Dynema is higher performance but more delicate, ie won't last as long? Is there an issue with knots in it too or am I just looking for problems?
Cheers Bob.

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Re: Dynema pros and cons.

Postby Gardenshed » Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:17 am

Dyneema is not delicate, it is easy to splice and knot. Only thing to check is that your jammer won't slip given that the rope is thinner.
I've used dyneema on main and genoa halyards since 2007. Far better than braid on braid or a wire- braid h lard. Very resistant to chafe and uv.
You are maybe confusing dyneema with Kevlar, which is less uv resistant and if I remember correctly, doesn't like v. small radius sheaves and could fail unexpectedly.
Sounds like a bargain. I'd take it

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