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New toaster

Postby mm5aho » Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:40 pm

Bought a new toaster on Ebay cheap. But its useless.
Its a stainless disc about 200mm diameter, in very thin SS, with holes in. This sits on the gas hob and gets hot radiating loads of infra red.
There's stainless wires that enable 4 slices of bread to lean at about 60 degrees off vertical round the circumference.

It doesn't work as the IR that hits the bread is too small, (inverse square law and all that).

I've modified it to do one slice at a time, but changing the wires to a grid about 2cm above the plate and parallel to it, just to support the slice above the glowing plate. Works great now.
As it folds flat its not too bulky!
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