Adverc - Dooze pwung.

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Adverc - Dooze pwung.

Postby sahona » Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:41 pm

full marks to Bryan and the rest of the Adverc team.
On Friday I sent an Email asking for clarification on a couple of operational points, as my Adverc had been misconnected to the "W" connector of the alternator instead of the field, (don't ask!) and was not really pushing amps.
They replied by Email asking me to return it for test, to which I replied that I was reluctant as we were about to leave for the Summer cruise. The next thing the phone rang with the offer of a replacement sent over the weekend and "get the old one to us when you can"
By lunchtime Monday the replacement was installed and tested - OK.
I have seen (in other fora/ums) concern expressed over a change of ownership and staff loss a few years ago, but feel it is totally unfounded.

Great service. I'll no doubt have an opinion on the product after having lived with it for a while. 20' - 30' Berths available, Clyde.
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Re: Adverc - Dooze pwung.

Postby ubergeekian » Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:40 pm

sahona wrote:Great service. I'll no doubt have an opinion on the product after having lived with it for a while.

I was very impressed with them when I visited their stand at ExCel a couple of years ago, and they have been very helpful with wiring diagrams since. One day I'll get round to fitting the dam' thing.
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