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Re: Handheld connected to main VHF aerial

Postby stevebirch2002 » Wed May 23, 2007 8:35 am

Nick wrote:Incompatible connectors unfortunately Steve.

If they were compatible or I had an adaptor, then I would be slightly worried about buggering up the handheld wwhen I switched on the tri, but would be prepared to give it a go. Might try to get the relevant bits and solder up an adaptor when we get to Horta.

Can you tell me the technical terms for the bits I need to do this?

Hi Nick. All you need is a PL259 to BNC adaptor that you fit permantly to your main VHF (just screws on like the standard cable end PL259) this means that the main VHF aerial lead needs a 50 ohm BNC connector fitted (Same as ethernet cable BNC end). The usual fitting for most handhelds is BNC as well so it means you can remove the stubby rubber-duck aerial from the handheld and just plug straight into the main VHF aerial in case of failure of the main VHF.

If you need more info I can get some photos and we can chat on Skype etc. Let me know.

Cheers Steve

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Using HHVHF with masthead aerial

Postby Nick » Wed May 23, 2007 1:59 pm

All you need is a PL259 to BNC adaptor

- easy for you to say, we couldn't even get a cylinder of Camping Gaz here!!! :roll:

Sadly this will have to wait until we get home, but it is a good idea.
- Nick 8)


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