Bilge pump failure

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Bilge pump failure

Postby sahona » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:41 pm

The electric bilge pump failed it's regular test, well very regular -in fact duty.... It has very direct wiring in manual mode, so no list of possibilities -either debris or one of two joints ( why do pumps have such short wires supplied?). The amount of debris was amazing considering the engine had been out a few years ago and everything cleared. Cable ties and their cut-off tails were prevalent but their removal didn't help. Unfortunately, another lagacy of the engine incident was a professional, and subsequentially inaccessible wiring upgrade which meant removal of furniture and blind working in order to access the connections - one of which was green (:)) . Suffice to say the wiring is now not so professional looking but is quickly accessible if required.
Another point - Shrink tubing doesn't seem to be effective. I have used self-amagamating rubber tape this time (The joints are never submerged).
Having had to rely on my pump(s) for real in the past, I took this failure seriously and am glad it is now properly fixed and manageable for the forseeable future.
The complete sensing and alarm system gets excercised every time we drain the freshwater tanks against frost, that's a separate circuit.
This was definately a "do it now" project. (Who else remembers the 'Boys Own Paper'?) Got some pics but am Photobucked until I get round to choosing another gallery.
Enjoy the Summer ladies and gents. 20' - 30' Berths available, Clyde.
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Re: Bilge pump failure

Postby claymore » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:33 am

I feel your pain William.

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