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Postby ongolo » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:10 pm

This is the story according to how it unfolded with us. As far I know, the manufacturers/suppliers may in fact be genuine, but we became uncomfortable with the process and apparent lack of communication when it really mattered. We are not accusing Waterlog of running a scam - we dont have enough detail to go that far, but believe that other potential customers have the right to make decisions based on others' poor experiences.

We decided that the watermaker had some excellent features (and still do!). and that with the clip-on motor drive, provided the best of both worlds - "free" water when sailing and the ability to make water at anchor.

Having looked at all of the other makes and options, it also became apparent that price was a major deciding factor. No other model could compete, so we made the final decision and started talking via e-mail, in mid-December. At that time, the sales pitch was pretty good - quick delivery to doorstep via DHL included in price etc etc. There was also the long, very personal call from a gentleman with an American/British accent who definitely wanted to close the deal. He seemed knowledgeable about boats and equipment, but it was one of the odder calls I have fielded!

We got the final price (ZAR 22,000 odd) and instructed our bank to authorise the Visa transaction. A day or two later, the cash was definitely gone from our account, and assumed to be nestling in theirs.

Then came the bad news - no more instant delivery, we have a back-log, motors even longer than the water makers, Japanese sales soaring, yadda yadda and now we should wait three weeks and six weeks respectively. So after three weeks, I ask for a delivery update.No reply. Let it ride for a few days, send another request. No reply, but apparently disconnected to my mail comes one from the lady who we dealt with in the first place saying they are still waiting for our money!

Our bank got a rocket from us, and they came back with a verified statement that they had indeed remitted within 1 working day, way back in December, that they had tracked the payment to destination, advised us that this company was operating at least two accounts and what more could they do for us? Apart from apologising to them, of course.

This was the time for edginess to turn to worry and the decision to reverse the payment. Still no connected reply to my delivery update requests in any event, so we looked like being on the sticky end of the pole. Our bank took 3 days to complete the reversal, and, odd, not a whimper from Waterlog. Surely this is the time try and retrieve the sale, yell at us, do something, dammit!

So, that is our sorry story of trying to make sweet water from salt. Next time we stick with the known makes and agents!

When I asked about lack of advertising and difficulty in getting independent input, they stated that they do not spend on sales and promotion, preferring to put all resources into R&D etc etc - pretty glib answers in retrospect - almost as if coached.

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