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Re: I'm Off

Postby mm5aho » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:44 pm

really nice video, thanks for that.
I was "robbed" of my usual RTM passage last autumn, as the forecast (F7) suggested it was far better to use the Crinan Canal.
That back eddy can really be an advantage. Sanda used to be a nice stop off place too, but not sure about now with the new ownership!?

There's another rough patch sometimes by Arranman Barrels (marked on charts, bit east round further from Sanda), but that's only really relevant if using Cambeltown as a stop.
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Re: I'm Off

Postby pagoda » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:20 pm

Booby Trapper wrote:Wow loads of questions.

I'll try to answer best I can on my experiences but I'm no expert

I left Ardrossan at 0900 with a good blow from the SE as forecast, about a mile out the wind died completely and I motored. I took it down just passing Sanda as the boat was starting to roll and the sail flap. There was absolutly no wind at this point.

Why was it rough? Most of that was just caused by the tide. Although it looks really windy later in the video there was virtually no wind. It did pick up and blow offshore just after passing the lighthouse and I did roll out a bit of foresail.

Just as I entered Sanda sound the tide had started to ebb and I picked up SOG I usually motor about 5.5 knots so when it showed SOG at over 10knts there was quite a bit of tide running but thet was just for about 15 mins or so. Most of the time up to about a mile before the light house I was getting 8 or 9 SOG.

The roughest bit is about a mile before the light and a mile after so really it's only 15-20 mins. If you get the tides right and don't have to fight your way round it's really all over pretty quickly. You do have to be quite brave and stay close in to avoid the worst of the waves I'm not sure I'd want to do that if there was much of an onshore breeze say from the west or southwest I might consider going well offshore if that was the case. What I have found is that the wind is so unpredictable close in as the cliffs seem to have a big effect on the conditions. You still can go through Sanda sound and then head well offshore if it looks at all dodgy close in. On the way back I was comming from Ballycastle so didn't really need to bother with the "inside route".

Not sure about highwater dover. I went by tides at Cambelltown and just worked it out from there. High water at Cambelltown is about the same as at the mull. Tidal Atlas NP222 ( I think) has very good detail of the tides around the mull. It refers to hw at Greenock If you haven't got it I would definitly get one.

Its also available here but it doesn't have the inset detail
http://www.visitmyharbour.com/articles/ ... h-of-clyde

It smooths out about a mile past the lighthouse

Going south of Sanda I dont think I would do unless going to Ireland.

Hope this all helps.

If you are at all worried about it just aim to be approaching sanda sound at high water slack if going west and the mull at low water slack if going east,

I'd agree with Ian about going close inshore if you're comfortable with it. Of these logged passages shown below, the best was the one going west, about 50m off the rocks!. Still plenty of water, but just "washing machine" mode rather than roller coaster 2 metre lumps. It's not easy to organise, but going west with some east in the wind is a good idea :-)
From the Mull outwards - Westgoing, Eastgoing,Eastgoing (to & from Rathlin)
The inner 2 passages were fine, the third one out coming East was pretty lumpy everywhere, coming from Craighouse. The standing waves / surf extend surprisingly far off the point, probably a radius of more or less 2 miles depending on wind. It doesn't last very long really, but make sure everything remotely loose in the saloon is secure!
Our game plan this "summer" is Lough Swilly , maybe Tory , back via Islay etc, if the weather allows, so we'll need to go past this lot again!

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