Places to visit returning from Oban

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Re: Places to visit returning from Oban

Postby ubergeekian » Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:43 pm

JimC wrote:West Scotland is beautiful and I know we've only scratched its surface. The bugbear for us the distance to get there: across Morecambe Bay then the endless drag up the Cumberland coast then the Solway to cross and one or two Mulls to negotiate.

The Scottish Solway coast is a rotten place to keep a boat (the water keeps disappearing and when it does so it disappears fast) but it's good for a visit. You've done Little Ross - now you can add East Tarbert, Drummore, Port William, Isle of Whithorn, Garlieston, Wigtown (you should be able to get to the Bladnoch distillery by dinghy), Kirkcudbright, Kippford, Carsethorn, Kingholm Quay and all the others I've forgotten. Come and see us (again) some time!
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