Uncivilised Anchorages

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Uncivilised Anchorages

Postby Mehitabel » Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:00 pm

There is something quite special about anchoring out of sight of all civilisation. I don't quite know what it is but even if you know there is a nuclear power station or great conurbation just around the corner, if you can't see anything but hills and trees and wildlife you can easily convince yourself that you are miles from anywhere in a timeless wonderland! A couple of recent favourites are the Fairy Isles up the top of Loch Sween - quite magical, I watched an osprey tending its young in its tree top nest for ages from the dinghy during an exploration of the furthest reaches of the inlet. And just this weekend I was up Loch Striven for the first time; once past the four container ships layed up a mile or two from the entrance it was a delight. Several stony beaches on the west shore with reasonable depths for anchoring, and out of sight of all but the odd seal or porpoise. Makes using the outside heads a true joy! I had always previously bypassed Loch Striven on the way to the more obvious attractions of the Kyles, but I think it will become a regular getaway, although I hear tell of fierce squalls from the hills so not perhaps for every occassion.

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Re: Uncivilised Anchorages

Postby Telo » Tue Aug 11, 2009 7:24 pm

Yes; that sums it up very well. The people of Glasgow and Scotland's central belt are so fortunate in having all of this, not to mention the hills and mountains, on their doorsteps. There are so many little hideaway places that may be easily overlooked, but also readily found and explored by those who seek them out.

I assume that the current CCC Sailing Directions still have the "occasional" anchorages listed at the back - we use them as a useful source of ideas for exploring the quieter places. We are also fortunate in having the old CCC "West Coast of Scotland" SDs, where you can occasionally find mention of anchorages that have dropped out of favour in more recent editions - very handy, although sometimes their fall from grace might be beneficial. Occasionally, the chart can suggest a fine spot that has so far evaded the attentions of the CCC editors.

We often watch the full-throttle no-sail weekend rush up the Sound of Mull for the certainty of a pontoon berth at Tobermory. Perhaps the attractions of the honey pot works well to the advantage of the rest of us.

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