Aja's Summer Sojourn Part II

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Aja's Summer Sojourn Part II

Postby Aja » Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:32 pm

Ok - so where was I before I was rudely interupted. Incredible the effect that Hotmail has on one so young and innocent......snigger - she'll never read this.

Oh yes - our summer cruise. Where had I got to. Ah! Ullapool. Its miles and miles up Loch Broom to Ullapool. Guess what - its the same distance on the way as well. I have to admit - I didn't pay much attention to what the good book tells us. But the CCC Sailing Directionsdo warn us that there is a bloody big headland inbetween Loch Broom and where we wanted to go - Loch Gairloch. Called Ruadh Rhiah (sp?). Anyway motored all the way out in a flat calm only for a modest F4-5 SW to spring up from nowhere as we turned SW. Any way we had to thump through this nasty stuff. Held too close in to the headland and were made to suffer. One good thing about the Moody is she doesn't slam - but by 'eck it was an uncomfortable time at 2 - 3 knots motoring for a couple of hours. Once round though the wind freed and we unrolled the genoa and had a great sail into Loch Gairloch.

Previously when we had been there before we had gone into Bracadale on the southern side but were advise by Bonspiel and Juniper Groove (remember them? Keep up) that diesel, water and pontoons were available at Flowerdale. As it turned out had a smashing sail right up to the pier at Flowerdale and the harbourmaster efficiently took our lines and our money.

Warning re Flowerdale. Midgies. I'm not normally bothered with them - put it this way we stayed aboard that night and forsook the pub. Bad. :wink:

Next morning we split up with Bonspiel and Juniper Groove - they had to start heading south - here is a piccie to that effect...
http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j193/ ... spiel2.jpg

Sorry cant seem to resize this one... but you can see how laid-back Jim gets on his holidays...so I'll just post the URL

Anyway - they headed south and we headed round to Portee. Again as you can see the sun came out and everything heated up again. We had a cracking sail - as you can see from Bonspiel above we also had a reef in the main - cant spill the tea now can you.

Spent a fabulous afternoon in Portree enjoying the weather and generally mucking about.

Next port of call was meant to be Crowlin Isles. Sailed all the way from Portree round the bottom of Raasay and over to have a look see. We'd never been there before so nosed in gently. Now call me a woose but when I anchor, I like to be anchored that I know I can sleep soundly at night. However, what wind there was, and admittedly there wasn't much was from the North. The other problem was the tide was out. Normally that wouldn't be a problem - however - this meant we couldn't get into the 'inner' pool. We could already see a yacht sitting smugly in there - but I really didn't fancy the 'outer' anchorage. After much debate between the two of us - Sheena didn't fancy it much either - we thought of Plockton - or as we intended to do some sight seeing at Eilean Donan we headed through the bridge to Kyleakin.

Bloody busy place that is too. We had a sub, a Destroyer, a tug, two police launches, and ribs full of divers and guys with sub-machine guns. Well I think they were sub-machine guns but I'm no expert.

All for a converted car ferry. Harumph. You would think it was royalty. Anyway we did see Queenie sitting on the deck reading the West Highland Free Press enjoying the sun. Well - Isuppose like us she was on holiday.

Kyleakin was OK I suppose.

More to come - don't go away.

Donald & Sheena

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