Low cost mooring at Port Appin

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Low cost mooring at Port Appin

Postby cpedw » Wed Apr 23, 2008 9:18 am

On Friday evening, the crew of Bue Shift went to Port Appin to check out the quality of food at the Pierhouse. It's good, possibly better than last year, but it has got no cheaper so we won't be able to afford to go back for a while.
I digress...
During our meal, the boss man came on his rounds; it's what he does, he's a friendly sort. We pointed out what an enhancement to the view Blue Shift was on his mooring. He revealed that he plans to rent out a few (probably 3) of the Pierhouse moorings if anyone is interested. He wasn't sure what to charge but said it would be cheap since he lays 10 or 12 but has never yet had a full house of passing trade.
At the moment only one is in place but the remainder are due shortly. Anyone looking for a bargain mooring could do worse than ask there. There are no facilities in the boaty sense - showers, toilets, dinghy park - but there's a pub/hotel and top class posh restaurant. And a nearby small shop. I don't know that I would fancy one of the moorings though; it's a fairly exposed place with a fast tide and the moorings are in fairly shallow water. I've not been there in the right (wrong) weather but I expect it can be quite interesting. There's also a lot of traffic from the boats serving Glen Sanda quarry.
You decide.


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