Cruise to Madeira and beyond on a substantial catamaran

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Cruise to Madeira and beyond on a substantial catamaran

Postby Nick » Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:26 pm

(Eleanor, the owner/skipper of the boat, has asked if I could post this . . . she will hopefully be signing up for these fora and posting herself to keep us informed of her progress)

An opportunity to crew on a long ocean passage sailing in a large, comfortable, well-equipped catamaran from Southampton to Madeira. Three or four hops will be made going down the English Channel, then non-stop from Falmouth to Madeira.

Departure 9 November 2007

Experience not necessary. You must just be keen to learn and to enjoy this opportunity. (Might suit a gap-yearer or a back-packer, as well as a sailor). You must be fit and strong!


More info HERE
- Nick 8)


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