need proof I can operate a boat in some of the countrys?

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need proof I can operate a boat in some of the countrys?

Postby Sitaram » Thu Jul 21, 2005 11:59 am

Im new to the board, Im from S. Florida (USA) and I will be sailing into the Med after picking up my new boat in France in early spring. My Question is- is it true I need some kind of proof I can operate a boat in some of the countrys?
I have had a boat in the water most of my life 40 years or so , and have never needed this in the USA or Bahamas


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Yes, you will need an ICC

Postby Nick » Tue Jul 26, 2005 11:02 am

Hi Ram,

You will need an ICC (International Certiificateof Competence) to operate a boat in some European countries (not, I am happy to say, the UK).

You will therefore need to sit a test - and I suspect it will be much easier to do it in France rather than over there. Why not ask he yard where you are picking up your boat - there is bound to be somewhere nearby you can sit this.

Good luck,

- Nick 8)


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Postby Swagman » Tue Aug 08, 2006 10:37 am

Hi Ram,

I believe you only need proof of qualification for commercial reasons - ie some charter companies will not trust you with their boats unless you can show credentials - but an ICC is not required for all sailors doing offshore or coastal sailing.

You will need the ICC Nick refers to if you plan to go into French inland waterways - but it is not a requirement just to sail for instance, along the French coast.

My understanding is the EU requires (apart from inland waterways as above) you need to show only the qualifications that are a requirement in your own Country.

As the UK has no offical requirement - no one from the UK needs to prove anything to the wider EU officials. As the French do have a requirement that French sailors need at least an ICC - were they to visit the UK the authorities here could ask to see that document.


So if in the USA you are required to be qualified and have that proof - then I would suggest those documents would be OK to use in the EU.

If you don't have such a requirment locally - then I'd disagree with Nick and say you do not need anything sailing the seas in and around the EU.


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