Weekend Weather Forecast 12/8/11

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Weekend Weather Forecast 12/8/11

Postby weatherman » Fri Aug 12, 2011 11:50 am

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Issued: 1200 Friday 12th August 2011

Low pressure is to the west of Scotland on Saturday. A cold front clears eastern parts of the country in the morning as an unstable flow then follows from the west.
I think there will be some cloud and rain associated with the cold front heading east, most of it fairly showery though.Plenty of cloud following to the rear of the front, although the good news is that this will be slowly breaking and the cloud base will be steadily lifting. Some bright or sunny spells developing into the afternoon.
The trough over Ireland signals the arrival of more unstable air, and so we will find showers moving through Ireland into the afternoon. These showers spreading to western Scotland and western parts of Wales as the day progresses.
Winds mainly SW F4 but to F5 on western coasts and through the English Channel, and F6 in western Scotland.


The area of low pressure stays to the west of Scotland through Sunday. The trough will be affecting western coasts, this highlighting the area where showers are most likely to be.
Further inland there will be sunny spells with only a few showers here and there. Generally though the day is going to be fair with some good spells of sunshine to come for all.
A complication over the eastern Channel and through southeast England is the shallow area of low pressure. This brings the threat of some more persistent rain here, although confidence is low. If it does occur cloud bases will lower and visibility will be moderate or poor.
Winds mainly SW F3-F4 but F5 in western Scotland.


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