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Site availability issues

Postby Nick » Wed Dec 02, 2009 3:21 pm

The site has been up and down like the proverbial nethergarments of a lady of the night over the last four days. This has been as a result of a migration of all Webfusion's VPS servers from Germany to new hardware in the UK data centre.

It seems that the problem did not lie with Webfusion or their procedures on this occasion; the new servers are all running on brand new Dell Professional hardware which had been bench tested for many hours prior to the data migration. In this instance the new hardware this node was transferred to failed not long after the data was transferred. The data was transferred for a second time to a different (new) physical machine and after a short time this also failed. The third and hopefully last transfer to another brand new machine is complete.

This is a fairly unprecedented situation, and only affected this stie and a handful of clients. (Our clients' sites are spread over many physical machines specifically to avoid an event like this bringing down our whole business). The situation - multiple failures of brand new high-spec hardware - could not have been foreseen by anyone, even those with a half empty glass!
- Nick 8)


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