Mapping Hurleys Around the World

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Mapping Hurleys Around the World

Postby CAPAqua » Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:04 am

Hello Everyone,

Despite being a member of the Hurley Owners Association, which is a simply fantastic resource for all things Hurley (bet that had you guessing!), I have yet to conclude exactly how many Hurleys there are out there either sailing or dried up. More specifically I'm really curious about WHERE they all are.

So, I'm setting about mapping the approximate location and distribution of all Hurleys, regardless of type, globally. Before you all get excited and start doing the same for every other type of sailing boat and ask me how I'll do it, I don't know exactly.

So, if you have not already joined the Hurley Owners Association (HOA) the please do so. Alternatively, let me know what you have and where it is or at least the approximate location. I suspect it will be an interesting exercise.

If you are a HOA member then you can log in and update the online database of members yachts - check you're on there, check the accuracy of the information or add your boat and update the table. I'll be using that as a first port of call.

If you are not a member, email me and let me know the following:

[list=]Boat Type e.g. 18, Felicity, 22 etc.
GRP or Timber
Keel type/Rudder type
Year of manufacture
Sail Number
Hull/Yard/Order Number
Type of Engine
Present location
Present Owner and Yahoo ID
Year Purchased

I'm possibly mad but it will be interesting to see how far afield out Hurley friends are.

Very best wishes and have a good weekend

Craig (Hurley 22 'Inca') -

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