Mr. Vane for Larger Boats

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Mr. Vane for Larger Boats

Postby Nick » Tue Sep 18, 2007 2:10 pm

Mr. Vane MSB Xprmntl

For boats from 9- 15 meters Mr. Vane MSB is being developed. This system is based on Mr. Vane but will be adapted to be able to generate more power so that boats with heavier helms and wheel steered boats can get the Mr. Vane performance.

Just as with the introduction of Mr. vane, Mr. Vane MSB will first be available in an expermental version at a strong discount.

Details of Mr. Vane MSB
Mr. Vane MSB will get a bigger pendulum rudder and all parts that transmit this extra power will be made stronger to be able to cope with it.
Also Mr. Vane MSB will have more mounting options included in the basic system where they are options with Mr. Vane S.

The Price for Mr. Vane MSB xprmntl is not yet set but will probably be around € 1250.--, depending on the number of extra features.

If you are interested in buying a Mr. Vane MSB xprmntl for your boat you need to apply for one. Only as many as have been applied for will be manufactured so if you want to be certain to get one, be sure to apply before December 1st.

There is NO obligation to buy if you apply for one! When the systems are ready you will recieve a pro forma invoice. After your payment has been recieved the system will be shipped. If your payment has not been recieved within 2 weeks of the invoice the system may be sold to someone else.

How to apply
If you like to apply for a Mr. Vane MSB xprmntl, send an email to

Please include a picture of your boat's transom.

Mr. Vane Website

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