New BlueMoment Press Release Policy

Press releases approved by the editorial team will be posted here. Submissions should be sent to Nick or Silkie.
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New BlueMoment Press Release Policy

Postby Nick » Mon May 21, 2007 3:27 pm

BlueMoment will publish any press releases received here in this forum - subject of course to editorial approval.

Only the editorial staff can post here, but any registered user can reply if they have a relevant comment to make.

If you are emailing a press release please make sure it is as ready to post as possible. If you want to include images please make sure the URL of the image is referenced in the text.

Sending a press release to us implies acceptance of our 'right to reply' policy. You are encouraged to sign up as a member and join in any discussion your press release might generate.

Note to members:

The old system of posting press releases in the Calendar section of the site was a very cumbersome and time consuming way of giving out free advertising, so all future press releases received will be posted in this forum.

Only admins can post, so it should be spam-free - but you all have the right of reply. Don't abuse this right, as we want to encourage businesses to continue to send us relevant press releases. We want them to feel that our feedback is valuable rather than counterproductive.

Once their press release is posted the originator is welcome then to register as a member and reply to any posts on that thread.
- Nick 8)


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