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Postby Pete Cooper » Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:35 pm

When fitting a dishwasher be careful with your spanners. A few weeks ago I put ours roughly in place - just to get it up and running - fine. As it is supposed to be built in I have been procrastinating over fitting the wooden front that makes it look just like the fridge or any other cupboard. Today my accountant decreed that we(I) was going to fit the wood. First job involves jacking the machine up on four wee jacks - one at each corner. Each jack is locked with a 13mm nut, so first job is to undo these locknuts. So reaching through a tiny space I located the spanner on the nut at the back left and undid it. I then tackled the nut at the back right and located the spanner on the nut and as it undid, the spanner flew off and disappeared down a hole at the edge of the floorboards. Bad language followed.
So, my tip of the week is that when using a spanner in a confined space, tie a piece of string through the ring end if you want it to remain in your toolbox.

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Re: Dishwashers

Postby aquaplane » Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:33 pm

Another dilusion smashed, I thought you had "people to do these things for you" despite what the bank manager/accountant has to say about it!

Dissapointed of Yorkshire.
Cheers Bob.

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