May I recommend.....

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May I recommend.....

Postby Fingal » Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:27 pm

.. the services of Forth Marine Textiles in Dunfermline? A couple of weekends ago some rather vigorous weather resulted in a seam on my boom cover parting. The S*** L*** at Port Edgar could not give me a date for the job, and on the basis of previous experience I expect they would probably have wanted £25 - £30 for a repair of that kind. FMT took the cover on Thursday and had it ready for collection (including a re-rivetted lacing hook) on Monday morning and would not take more than £10 + VAT. It's only a small workshop so I would be cautious about sail repairs but for general canvas work, covers etc. I will certainly be asking them to quote again.
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