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Should we leave tomorrow?

Yes - you might never get another four day window
Yes - you need to get home because the weather is so great here
Yes - it is certain doom if you aren't across by the end of August
No votes
No - what's the rush? Have a rest after the last passage.
No - it's not that great a window and a better one will turn up
No votes
No - you had a good crossing in August last time after all!
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Total votes: 9

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Weather update

Postby Nick » Tue Jul 24, 2007 7:39 pm

We were going to set off tomorrow . . . it looked like a reasonable plan right up until the next set of GRIBS came in an hour or so ago . . . now it looks as though if we did that we would arrive off the Scillies or the Lizard in 25-30 knots or more and pouring rain / poor vis.

Next possible window is 18 hours after that, leaving early Thursday morning and getting in to St Marys or Falmouth sometime on Monday before the wind goes NW, but we will look at the weather again tomorrow.

There is allegedly a high pressure building at the beginning of next week so we are keeping our eye on that as well.
- Nick 8)


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